Sculpture Garden

Harmonic Sculpture Garden

Domaine Forget  has inaugurated a one-of-a-kind outdoor sculpture park in its magnificent 140 acre grounds. Le Jardin harmonique de sculptures, a unique exhibition formed of 25 large-scale works by international sculptors, incorporates Biennial 2015-2017 Sculptures en Charlevoix, the Canadian premiere of 16 monumental works by a group of world-renowned European and North American artists, alongside a permanent collection of works by nine Quebec artists.

Visitors have free access to the property; le Domaine Forget Sculpture Garden will become a rendezvous for art lovers. Nowhere else could you witness this distinctive sensorial experience: the discovery of these awesome sculptures, installed between mountain and sea, accompanied by music throughout the summer.

Sculpture and yoga

Each Saturday, between June 25th and August 27th at 8:30 A.M.
Free yoga classes in the majestic surroundings of the Harmonic Sculpture Garden.
In case of rain, classes will be held in the lobby of the Françoys-Bernier concert hall.
Bring your yoga mat and a large towel.
Yoga teacher: Emmanuelle Marion

The quest for proper alignment, breathing awareness and movement  internalization. Discover the power of inhalation and exhalation through a series of postures. A sequence of flowing almost dance like movements followed by an instant of immobilization allowing the body to shape, strengthen, to anchor and align itself before letting go. Each session will end with a period of guided relaxation.

Sculpture in Charlevoix Day

Saturday, August 27th as of noon
Become an artist for a day!
Free activities on the site at Domaine Forget

A day of family and festive activities: picnic, animation, creation of works, encounters with artists in the visual arts and much more!

Artist in residence

From August 20th to September 10th

Mr. JEAN BRILLANT will work on a new sculpture to be added to the permanent collection at Domaine Forget. Come meet him on Saturday the 27th during the Sculpture in Charlevoix Day!

2015-2017 Biennial Sculptures en Charlevoix

Le Domaine Forget welcomes its very first touring exhibition: Biennial 2015-2017. First seen at St. Urban in Switzerland, in Sarasota and Miami in Florida; the exhibition has arrived directly from Georgia Tech University. It features sixteen works by renowned sculptors. Mounted on several plateaus of the property, some of the monumental works are visible from Highway 362, one of the most scenic drives in North America. The exhibition launching will take place in June 2015 and the sculptures will be at le Domaine Forget until spring 2017.


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