Over the past 35 years, le Domaine Forget’s reputation has grown significantly on the regional, national and international scene. An important cultural organization, le Domaine Forget actively participates in promoting the arts, in improving the region’s quality of life as well as contributing to its touristic and economic vitality. Whether through the Academy, Festival, off season events, the activities at le Domaine Forget enhance the region cultural initiatives by promoting the performing arts and attracting talented artists.
Le Domaine Forget’s momentum is supported and inspired by passionate visionaries. In constant progression, it is nourished by its future projects as well as its past successes.  However, le Domaine Forget faces ever increasing competition and must therefore find the means to remain viable, meet the demands of its existing clientele and identify new audiences and markets. In order to take advantage of future development opportunities, le Domaine Forget must diversify its sources of income. Thanks in part to many loyal benefactors, le Domaine Forget can continue to be an important cultural actor. Here are the different ways of helping le Domaine Forget to continue surpassing itself:
  • By sponsoring its artistic activities,
  • By contributing to its operating budget,
  • By an In Memoriam donation,
  • By augmenting the scholarship fund,
  • By making a bequest.
Le Domaine Forget is recognized as a charitable organization and can issue income tax receipts for contributions. 

Donation Form

Access the donation form (pdf).

Suscription form "Sponsor a student"

Coordonnées téléphoniques / Phone numbers

1 888-DFORGET (336-7438)
Numéro principal / Main Phone : 418-452-8111
Académie / Academy : 418-452-8113 # 1222
Billetterie / Box Office : 418-452-3535/ 888-336-7438
Studios / Studios : 418-452-8111/ 888-336-7438
Télécopieur / Fax : 418-452-3503

Adresse / Address

Le Domaine Forget
5, rang Saint-Antoine C.P. 672
Saint-Irénée (QC) G0T 1V0 Canada
Crédit photo: Geneviève Lesieur - Bleu Outremer